Book Collection For Sale

Fabulous intermediate collection of famous authors collectible books for sale. Collection of authors book publishing varies from 1850-1950. Authors include A. Conan Doyle, Anthony Trollope, Booth Tarkington, H.G. Wells, Ian Fleming, John Galsworthy, John Steinbeck, Jules Verne, Ogden Nash, Zane Grey, Sinclair Lewis, Winston Churchill, Edgar Rice Burroughs and many other collectible authors. All books are in Good or better condition.
Approximately 200 books.
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Priced at $5,250
Call 727-200-2713 and ask for Steve V.
Why Have a Book Collection?
It's all about having a collection of an item that is in short supply.
This is especially true for authors first editions and earlier first editions that were printed when the author was unknown and printed copies were less numerous. Most importantly people collect books that are enjoyed for reading and improving the visual effect of their homes through a library. Wise collectors want first editions, or signed editions in very good to fine condition, complete with dust jackets also in good or fine condition.