Audubon Prints

There were five different original Audubon publications between 1826-1871.
Each original Audubon publication was printed on a specific sized sheet of paper with the image either horizontally or vertically oriented. Audubon bird and animal images were trimmed and bound into a book volume, as a bookplate. Audubon's were sold by subscriptions, and the subscriber had them bound into book volumes.
There are limited edition publications of high quality Audubon facsimile reproduction prints that have been issued. These have market values from $100  to several thousand.
There are millions of cheap low quality Audubon reproductions that should only be on hotel walls.
We have
John James Audubon- prints available (From: The Birds of America), circa 1944 ish?
$350 each
National Gallery of Art
Washington, DC
Gift of Mrs Walter B James
  • Canada Goose- Anser Canadensis
  • Great Esquimaux Curlew-Numenius Hudsonicus
  • Goshawk-Falco Palumbarius
  • Mallard Duck-Anas Boschas
  • Pintailed Duck-Anas Acuta
  • pileated Woodpecker-Circus Hudsonius
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