Will Silver Rise to $ 50 an ounce?


Silver is thought of as an industrial metal not a monetary metal.


Silver coins are actually used more often than gold coins.


You can trade silver coins, bullion, futures, options, mutual funds, Etf's.


Silver's price traded between $14 and $30 in 2010.


Went to $48 in 2011 and ended 2012 at $29.


Silver has been a terrible investment for 2013 and 2014 trading below 20.


Silver at 15 found a bottom in 2015. Traded between 14 and 20 in 2016.


Silver ended 2017 at $16. $14.5 in 2018. Trading around 15 in 2019?


Is Silver a good investment???


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Silver The Poor Man's Gold


Lots of Information on the silver industry, and investing.


History (Mr Hunt- "Silver Finger"), for silver enthusiasts.



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