Will Silver Rise to $ 50 an ounce?


Silver is thought of as an industrial metal not a monetary metal.


Silver coins are actually used more often than gold coins.


You can trade silver coins, bullion, futures, options, mutual funds, Etf's.


Silver's price traded between $14 and $30 in 2010.


Went to $48 in 2011 and ended 2012 at $29.


Silver has been a terrible investment for 2013 and 2014 trading below 20.


Silver at 15 found a bottom in 2015. Traded between 14 and 20 in 2016.


Silver ended 2017 at $16. $14.5 in 2018. What about 2019?


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Silver The Poor Man's Gold


Lots of Information on the silver industry, and investing.


History (Mr Hunt- "Silver Finger"), for silver enthusiasts.



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Collectible Silver Coin

Morgan Silver Dollars



The Morgan Silver Dollar (uncirculated condition or better) is our favorite silver collectible coin. The Morgan Silver Dollar is a dollar coin minted by the U.S. from 1878 to 1904 and then again in 1921. The designer George Morgan used the likeness of Anna Willess Williams as his model for Lady Liberty. On the front of this coin you find Lady liberty facing left,wearing a Phrygian cap decorated with a headband bearing the inscription"Liberty". Thirteen stars encircle the lower bust portion of Lady Liberty, while the moto "E Pluribus Unum"encircles the upper portion of the coin. The reverse of the Morgan Dollar carries an image of an eagle with outstretched wings clutching a branch and three arrows in its talons. Uncirculated Morgan Silver dollars are highly desirable and extremely collectible. Circulated coins carry a hefty premium to their silver content.

Coins are minted 90% silver with diameter of 38.1 millimeters and weighing 26.73 grams. Silver weight for a Morgan Dollar is 3/4 of an troy oz., or .77344 oz of pure silver.