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Who is the book collector?

1. Well educated and very bright, although specifically knowledgeable in his or her collecting field.
2. An entrepreneur, someone who has made a lot of money either through creating a company or in finance.
3. An extremely busy person, who is fitting collecting activities in between hard driving business activities.
4. Someone who does not necessarily look on their collecting purchases as an investment, but who is extremely conscious of the market and comparative values and does view the books they buy as a capital asset.


1st Editions




   Babbit                                                    Description:  Second printing of First Edition.   Rich smooth blue cloth   

     Sinclair Lewis                                       stamped in orange on spine and  cover.  Hardcover.  No Dust Jacket.  A

                                                                good copy of the Author's 2nd novel;  a second printing of the First Edition.

                                                                Light soil on boards.  Overall a good copy of a major work. 

                                                                  Price: $ 125.00.                                                  



    Elmer Gantry                                        Description:  First Edition, 1927.  Rich smooth blue cloth stamped in orange Sinclair

     Lewis                                                  at spine and front cover.  Second printing with correct  "Gantry"  on    

                                                               spine.  Hardcover.  No Dust Jacket and in good condition.  Dramatized by

                                                               Hollywood, starring Burt Lancaster. 

                                                                Price: $125.00.



    Dodsworth                                           Description:  First Edition, 1929.  "Published March 1929" on copyright Sinclair

   Lewis                                                   page.  Rich smooth blue cloth stamped in orange on spine and cover.

                                                              Hardcover.  No Dust Jacket.  Slight  discolorization on lower front board,

                                                              good condition.  One of Lewis's famous five novels from the 1920's.

                                                               Price: $125.00.



    Main Street                                          Description:  First Edition, 1920.   Second printing.  Rich smooth blue cloth

     Sinclair Lewis                                      stamped in orange at spine and front cover.  Hardcover.   No Dust Jacket .

                                                                 Price: $125.00.





    Arrowsmith                                           Description:  First Edition, 1925.  Rich smooth blue cloth stamped in

     Sinclair Lewis                                      orange at spine and front cover.  Hardcover.  No Dust Jacket.  A nice copy

                                                               of the first hardcover edition of this Pulitzer Prize winner.  The story of a

                                                               doctor who is forced to give up his profession for many reasons, ranging

                                                               from public ignorance to the publicity-mindedness of a great foundation,

                                                               and becomes an isolated seeker of scientific truth.

                                                                Price: $125.00.



        Profiles in Courage                            Description:  First Edition stated on copyright page.  Published in

      John F. Kennedy                                 New York by Harper & Brothers in 1956.  Kennedy's 3rd book written

                                                               during a year's convalescence after an operation for an injury suffered

                                                               during the war.  The book focuses on 8 Senators who risk their political

                                                               careers supporting unpopular causes.  Winner of the Pulitzer Prize.

                                                               Hardcover with Dust Jacket .  Good condition.

                                                                 Price: $175.00.



        From Here to Eternity                        Description:  First Edition copy of this Author's first book.  A sweeping,

    James Jones                                       unforgettable story of the enlisted men in Hawaii on the eve of the

                                                              "Day of Infamy".  It became an Academy Award winning motion picture

                                                               in 1953 starring Burt Lancaster, Deborah Kerr, Montgomery Clift, Donna

                                                               Reed, Frank Sinatra, Ernest Borgnine & George Reeves.  Second printing

                                                               with 1951 on the title & the Scribner's  logo on the copyright page with no

                                                               "A".  The book is in good condition.  Hardcover.  Original Dust Jacket is

                                                               showing minor tears on Spine of dust jacket.  





      The Thin Red Line                             Description:  First Edition, 1962.  Published in New York by Charles

    James Jones                                      Scribner's Sons.  Hardcover.  Dust Jacket has slight tears. This is a

                                                              wonderful copy of one of the high spots on 20th Century War fiction.

                                                              Dramatized in 1964, this novel became the basis for a motion picture.


                                           SPECIAL 6 VOLUMN COMPACT SET BY JOHN GALSWORTHY   


                                          The Sorsyth Saga  Vol. I      A Modern Comedy  Vol. II    Caravan  Vol. III                                                                                                 

                                          Three Novels of Society  Vol. IV    Three Novels of Love  Vol. V    Plays  Vol. VI                                                                                    

            All 6 books are in good condition & are available as a Set only. Price:$350.00  


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